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SoFAST helps you to create your channel & generate revenues

Why Sofast

SoFAST is the only partner who can help you to create,
distribute, broadcast, and monetize your channel quickly

Your Channel

Do you have a library of content? SoFAST will help you to create your channel and generate revenues. Our job is to help audiovisual production entities distribute their content to generate new revenues on all kinds of digital platforms.

Play List

SoFAST will create and manage the programming for your FAST channel using the best cloud-based broadcasting tools. Including creating and delivering real time EPG of the channel to different platforms.


SoFAST can distribute your TV channel on various Connected TV platforms and OTT platforms such Roku, Pluto or Plex. Submit your channel(s) and get it approved by the various CTV/OTT platforms!

Play Out

Broadcast your channel using a cloud-based Playout (content delivery management) to the different Operators and Platforms around the world. The source signal of your linear TV channel must be able to be broadcast and transmitted to any network.


Be present today on all OTT/ AVOD/ FAST platforms (LG, Samsung, Roku, Plex, Pluto, Xumo, Vizio,…) with your own linear TV channel. Our job is to monetize your content.

Ads Management

Programmatic advertising according to the different demands on each platform, keeping the highest fill rate to maxims your revenues!

FAST Channel

SoFAST co-publishes more than 30 channels on CTVs and OTT platforms and already distributes more than 49 FAST channels through more than 62 CTV and OTT platforms.


We create your application and embed them on all SmartTVs around the world. We also take care of new updates and overall, we are taking care of the monetization of your App. Access the world’s largest Smart TV audience.