Outdoor Sport Channel® entrusts SoFAST for its FAST Channel OSC+

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OUTDOOR SPORT CHANNEL® signs distribution agreement with SoFAST  for its FAST Channel OSC+

The leading international outdoor sports television company will have now its Fast channel (free advertising-supported television), on multiple Connected TVs and OTT thanks to soFAST.TV

OSC+ is an exclusive, unique, fun and both a “family and animal friendly®” sports FAST Channel. OSC+ will be available on most connected TVs and on the OTT platform, bringing them a real added value.

“We are proud to be part of the adventure by creating OCS+ Fast channel with OUTDOOR SPORT CHANNEL®. Our producer and publisher background helped us to understand the challenges of creating a channel. The channel success is our success as we are working exclusively on a revenue share basis.” Says Yanai Arfi, Founder of SoFAST

“We are proud to partner with SoFAST for its best FAST performance Worldwide. SoFAST has over 30 years of experience in the broadcast TV business, from content production, the design of TV channels in more than 75 countries in PayTV, to broadcasting channels solutions to satellites and cable operators, without forgetting the monetization with the programmatic Ads insertion. Next to our global well known premium subscribtion channel, it was time to develloppe OSC+ so more and more sports fans are able to enjoy our excellent sports content to their screens for free“. Comments Henk van Meer, Founder & CEO of Outdoor Sport Channel®-Global wide, Outdoor Sport Channel® Plus (OSC+) and Outdoor Sport Channel®-VoD (On demand).


Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is a unique and leading International 24 hour global sports television network featuring a vast array of outdoor, action, summer, winter sports, sports news and many live events.

About soFAST
SoFAST has a wide range of knowledge and a quick understanding of the field of broadcast TV. For this reason, SoFAST has decided to help Content Providers and TV Channel to capitalize on the rapidly growing programming industry known as FAST (free and ad-supported television channels).


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