Launch your FAST channel
and reach millions of viewers worldwide

Our mission

SoFAST’s mission is to aggregate content,
build, distribute and monetize
FAST channels.

Our business model

SoFAST offers a model based exclusively
on “Revenue Sharing”. You don’t have
to pay anything!…

Our services

Creation, distribution and monetization of
FAST channels to CTV, OTT, and Telcos
in over 27 countries…

Channels distribution

With SoFAST, don’t hesitate to distribute
your channel on more platforms
and multiply your revenues….

Distribution playout

SoFAST uses SaaS technology to create,
manage and broadcast your channels on
any platform in the world…

Channels portfolio

SoFAST represents more than 350 quality
FAST channels, most of them with
worldwide broadcast rights…