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(Free Ad-supported Streaming Television)

SoFAST is a SaaS technology company providing cloud-based solutions to Connected TV (CTV) and OTT platforms worldwide.
Distributor of FAST channels to CTV (Connected TV) and OTT digital platforms, we create and aggregate the best channels by thematic and facilitate their distribution and monetization to CTV, OTT, and Telecom Operators in over 27 countries…
We offer content providers, rights holders, TV broadcasters, and YouTubers potentially attractive high-value content to monetize their channels via FAST channels.
We are connected to over 52 platforms worldwide.
Business and commercial support: dashboard, analytics.


We manage your video content to monetize it by creating linear FAST channels to standards with SCTE-35 Markers and deliver it to platforms looking to reference FAST channels.”


At SoFAST, we have our own studio to take care of your FAST channel from creation to delivery to the Platforms as well as the Monetization of the channel to generate revenues!

Creation of the brand (Logo & Animated Logo).
Creation of the graphic design of the channel (GFX, Bumpers, Transition, Next…).
Reception and management of your content on our S3 Bucket.
Content segmentation (detection of scene break locations).
Insertion of advertising markers (SCTE-35) for advertising.
Verification and standardization of METADATA.
Extraction of EPG files (weekly).
Delivery of EPG file in dynamic mode to platforms.
Management of CDN fees.
Insert of LIVE broadcast in your channel’s program.
Management of SSAI fees.
Creation and management of the PLAYLIST (weekly) on our own CMS.
Analysis and performance optimization of the channel’s programming.
Management of the channel’s languages.
Management of the channel’s subtitles according to your SRT or script files.
Geo-blocking of content according to rights by territory.
Creation of a media kit for the channel.
Delivery of the channel’s Media Kits to the Platforms.
Definition and targeting of acceptable advertising (IAB) on the channel.
QA of the channel for delivery to the Platforms.
Creation of an HLS feed for delivery from the channel to the platforms.


Are you a video content creator, rights holder and are looking to bring your videos to market and monetize quickly?
We develop, publish and manage TV channels’ applications for CTV and OTT platforms.
We can publish your App on Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon TV, LG and Samsung.


Marketing solutions to develop your audience and your visibility.
The first step to increasing the visibility of your FAST channel,

keeping your audience interested and coming back to your channel is no easy task.

You have to fight for and be in a good position on the wide range of FAST platforms, to get eyeballs, to get advertising slots…? All the while minimizing investment and operating expenses,

SoFAST offers you to accompany you on :
– The optimization of your metadata.
– The choice of quality contents.
– Creating a good programming.
– Maximizing the monetization potential of your content.

SoFAST will provide you with access to statistics to show you in real time the platforms on which you are present as well as the views and revenues.


SoFAST has signed a privileged agreement with Viaccess-Orca (a global player providing OTT and TV platforms) to distribute an OTT platform to launch your FAST (and Pay-TV) channels in Revshare model.

The platform will be technically and security managed by VO, and SoFAST will manage the content.

Start your own OTT streaming platform with more than 350 FAST channels and more than 70.000 hours of AVoD content but not only. Indeed today, SoFAST can offer you a portfolio of premium channels and a VOD catalog for SVoD. This solution ensures seamless integration of SoFAST content in the VO ecosystem, allowing a fast and flexible deployment in your own FAST platform.

On top of creating your FAST channels from scratch, SoFAST will also manage the ad insertion in order to make the best of it.
SoFAST used an end to end solution in the regard, including an ad insertion service (SSAI) that selects relevant metadata from your content based on each platforms in order to maximize the sale of ads.