Case Study

One of our clients, specialized in producing video content for world-renowned sports channels such as Eurosport and ESPN, had, as a strategy, the will to deploy itself in the FAST and thus develop its own brand. This client produces and broadcasts billiard competition programs worldwide.

This is how KOZOOM TV emerged.

But creating a FAST channel was not the only objective of our client. Indeed, in parallel to the creation and distribution of its FAST channel on streaming platforms worldwide, KOZOOM TV had several goals.

– To broadcast its channel on its website.

– To broadcast its channel on YouTube.

– To broadcast some live broadcasts.

SoFAST was able to meet all of KOZOOM TV’s requests by creating a single channel, i.e., a single HLS feed distributed to its website, social networks, CTV, OTT, and YouTube distribution platforms.

KOZOOM TV is a FAST Channel with a significant amount of content, broadcasting nearly 750 hours of programming per year, with approximately 160 hours of live programming.
SoFAST considered KOZOOM TV’s potential to duplicate the FAST model into a complementary pay-TV model.
Since the FAST channel KOZOOM TV has content available in English and French, we created two HLS streams (one per language) to serve streaming platforms in different territories.

Thus, in addition to broadcast the linear FAST channel, SoFAST has obtained a new distribution agreement for the linear Pay channel. KOZOOM TV is now also available on PayTV platforms.
SoFAST can duplicate the program playlist of a channel intended for FAST distribution and transform it into a Pay TV channel on Cable and Mobile Operators’ platforms by removing the Advertising Markers.

The challenge was also to be able to modify the EPG (i.e., the Electronic Program Schedule) during the broadcast by shifting the display of content in the Playlist as needed.

In addition to multiple broadcasts in FAST and Pay-TV modes, SoFAST has created a streaming application (Apps) for this client that is accessible on different platforms, such as Android TV, Apple TV, RokuTV, and Amazon.

This client’s case is far from unique since we have nearly six sports channels that use our know-how to transmit live content in their programs.
Finally, and for your information, we have created a second FAST channel: BILLIARD+. KOZOOM TV and BILLIARD+ are both currently distributed on a dozen platforms around the world.