Our mission

SoFAST’s mission is to aggregate content, create, distribute and monetize FAST Channels.

If you are a catalogue owner, a Rightsholder, a Content Provider, a Broadcaster, a YouTuber, a Content Creator, a Program Distributor… and you want to monetize your content.

SoFAST offers you to create a FAST channel and to have a new source of income by placing this channel on different terminals in the world: CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (Over the Top).

If the rights of your content are wider than USA or UK, we propose to distribute you also on additional markets, countries and territories in order to generate new revenues thanks to your FAST channel.

In 18 months, SoFAST has deployed 350 FAST channels worldwide thanks to a risk-free business model for its FAST channel partners: no costs, only revenues.