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A FAST channel is a Free Ad-supported Streaming Tv. It is a channel that people would have to pay to watch on TV, but in this case it is Free for viewer. No more subscription, but a traditional linear TV channel that is directly connected to your TV screen or CTV or available on your OTT. 

As Content Providers are looking to connect with more consumers and monetize their content, launching a FAST channel is a great way to generate revenus. For traditional Pay TV owner, launching a FAST channel is a strategic move to be sure to catch all kind of viewers.

OTT or exactly Over The Top  refers to any kind of streaming services that deliver content over the internet, and Over The Top of another platform such TV Broadcaster or Internet. In the majority of the case the biggest OTT service is Video OTT service.

A CTV is a Connected TV. It can be a Smart TV, meaning a television screen connected to the internet. Or it can be a device that connects to a television to support video content streaming.

In both ways: OTT or CTV, it’s a different way to watch TV across multiple types of screens with no cable or satellite subscription required. It is free to consumers, as FAST Channel contains advertising. FAST Channel owner gets revenus from Advertising and for Advertisers, it is an inovative way to reach new audiences.

It costs nothing to the consumers watching the FAST Channel

What about the Content Owner? Well, some of them are lost because to create a FAST Channel it is a lot of time and money.  Create the Channel, Streaming the channel, onboard the channel to CTV or OTT, all the Aggregators asked them money. All except SoFAST!

SoFAST creates your channel at NO COST. With SoFAST, no set-up fee, no monthly fee! At SoFAST we are working on a revenue share only, so your success is our success. We create your channel for you, we are steaming your channel for you, because we consider that you must partnering with the best Aggregator, the one who knows your needs.