Advice to FAST CHANNEL Editors

SoFAST, being one of the global leaders in the FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) activity with a distribution of over 480 channels on streaming platforms worldwide, has acquired strong expertise in this specific domain.

When I come across editors who already have a FAST channel (via one of our competitors), I offer to assist them, at least with distribution and monetization. Sometimes, I discover that some of them need a logo on their channel. Some are aware of it, while others find out during our discussions. My viewpoint is that a FAST channel without a logo is truly unfortunate! And I will explain the reasons here.

Adding a logo to your TV channel (FAST or Pay-TV) presents numerous advantages for your brand and audience. Here are some reasons why adding a logo to your TV channel is relevant:

  1. Brand Identification:
    A logo is a unique visual representation of your channel. It allows viewers to recognize you among other competing channels easily. A well-designed logo reinforces your brand’s visual identity and can help develop a positive association in the minds of viewers.
  2. Memorability:
    A well-designed logo has the power to be memorable. Viewers can quickly recall your channel by associating the logo with your content. This promotes viewer loyalty and encourages them to return regularly.
  3. Professionalism:
    Adding a logo gives your TV channel a more professional image. It shows that you take your brand seriously and aim to provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience.
  4. Channel Promotion:
    Your channel’s logo can be used in various promotional materials, such as advertisements, social media, posters, etc. This helps establish a recognizable presence for your channel and contributes to increasing its visibility.
  5. Brand Consistency:
    A logo facilitates brand consistency across different platforms and content. Whether you’re broadcasting shows, live events, or online content, the logo will immediately signal to viewers that it’s your channel.
  6. Credibility and Trust:
    A well-designed logo can inspire trust and credibility among viewers. They are more likely to consider your content reliable if they identify your channel through a professional logo.
  7. Intellectual Property:
    Having a unique and original logo protects your intellectual property. It allows you to defend your brand against unauthorized use and reinforces your position as the legitimate owner of the channel.

In summary, adding a logo to your TV channel is a powerful way to strengthen your brand, evoke recognition and loyalty from viewers, and create a professional image. This will help position your channel strongly in the market and attract a broader audience over time.