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SoFAST has decided to help you capitalize on the rapidly growing programming industry known as FAST (free and ad-supported television channels).

As more and more companies look to launch their own FAST channels for distribution on platforms such as Pluto TV, Xumo or even connected TVs, such as Samsung or LG, SoFAST presents itself as an investor and operator to manage the day-to-day services such as programming, marketing, distribution and ad sales.

With us you can launch your channel, and run it without increasing your expenses. You need SoFAST to become your programming, marketing, distribution, advertising sales department, in short, everything that will allow you to support a linear channel 24/7.

If you have 100 hours of content, start generating revenues. Focus on creating programs, we do the rest at no upfront cost for you.

our history

Our history

Built by a team of programming, marketing, distribution and monetization experts from the audiovisual world, SoFAST offers a very low-risk path to success for intellectual property owners.

The idea was born: as a strategic investor and operator, SoFAST supports and operates channels to advance the category and support content owners.

SoFAST is the content owners’ strategic partner in meeting the FAST market requirements, including distribution, monetization, marketing and licensing.

Benefit from worldwide distribution and reach over 450 million viewers