Our business model

By creating SoFAST, we decided to offer a model based exclusively on “Revenue Sharing” with the channels by assuming charge of the totality of the launching and management costs of a FAST channel. Indeed, we know that not having a barrier to entry is essential to accompany you in the creation, the launch, and the success of a FAST channel.

Our business model is based on the following main principles: No setup fees.

No monthly fees for the use of the CMS.

No need to hire and train someone to create and manage the Playlist.

No fee for weekly EPG creation

No cost for the Ad Inserts in the Playlist.

No charge for the use of SSAI (Server Side Dynamic Ad Insertion)

No CDN fees.

No platform interconnection fees.

No play-out distribution fees

No fees for the distribution and presentation of channels to platforms!

In short, there are no fixed or hidden costs for the right holder! 

The SoFAST offer is only a revenue-sharing model from the 1st day, not when your channel is profitable and known. Our only commitment and our only ambition is the success of your channel. In conclusion, SoFAST has no choice but to succeed; therefore, the success of your channel is our success!