Our business model

Launch, create, and manage FAST channels internationally on streaming platforms, all with minimal initial investment.

Our comprehensive “Full Package” package is a unique offering designed for channel editors who prefer a hassle-free approach. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to delegate the complete management of their FAST channel, allowing SoFAST to take care of everything from content access to the entire process.

  • Account creation.
  • Free use of the CMS.
  • Playlist management without the need to hire or train anyone.
  • Weekly creation of the EPG (program guide).
  • Insertion of advertising in the Playlist.
  • SSAI (Server Side Dynamic Ad Insertion) usage fees.
  • CDN fees.
  • Play-out distribution.
  • Distribution and presentation of your channels to streaming platforms.

On the other hand, our customizable “Soft Package” package is designed for channel editors who prefer a detailed approach based on their use of CDN and SSAI and who want to manage their FAST channel.

SoFAST offers two distinct economic models: one for those who prefer an all-inclusive approach and the other for those who want more control and customization.

We invite you to contact us for more information on our offerings and how they can meet your needs.