SoFAST will expand CuaimaTeam TV reach beyond Venezuela

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SoFAST will expand CuaimaTeam TV’s reach beyond Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries, but not only. CuaimaTeam TV is expanding to US, to a global or worldwide audience as well. The channel began recording in the Mexican Caribbean and right now it is recording content in Venezuela and adding content from many countries. This expansion will also be beyond traditional TV networks and streaming services, making CuaimaTeam TV’s content more accessible to a broader audience worldwide. expand its content beyond Venezuela a CuaimaTeam TV’s content is unique. It focuses on fitness tourism, combining travel and fitness into a single experience. CuaimaTeam TV feature athletes and fitness influencers who demonstrate exercise routines and provide tips on healthy eating while traveling. In addition, you can watch fitness capsules, reality shows, cultural programming, extreme sports coverage, and other related topics on CuaimaTeam TV.
Soon CuaimaTeam TV will broadcast on CTVs such as Xiaomi, TCL, Hisense and more…

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