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SoFAST‘s visionary approach with its ‘hybrid distribution’ for FAST channels worldwide represents an evolution of the distribution mode.

In the digital age of streaming, the distribution of your channel plays an essential role in reaching broadcasting platforms. A well-designed distribution strategy opens the door to immense opportunities, enabling access to a global audience and maximizing revenue. This is where SoFAST stands out from its competitors, who often merely sell their Playout services and connections to platforms, while SoFAST offers FAST channel publishers the option to take care of their channel distribution.

Beyond FAST Connectivity Beyond its connection to FAST platforms, SoFAST goes further by offering a “hybrid distribution,” which means distribution to Cable TV, IPTV, Mobile Operators, DTH, and many others. These PayTV platforms are present worldwide, and even though FAST is expanding globally, these platforms remain alive and active. PayTV is not about to disappear anytime soon.

Think big and aim for “global coverage” for your channels to achieve channel diversification. Unlike many companies focusing on specific markets (e.g., solely concentrating on the United States), SoFAST distinguishes itself by adopting a global approach. With connections to over 180 streaming platforms (both free and paid), SoFAST establishes a global presence capable of broadcasting your channel in nearly every country in the world. This extensive reach allows SoFAST to reach diverse audiences beyond geographical boundaries.

We believe in diversifying revenue sources! One of the key advantages of this approach lies in diversifying revenue sources. By connecting to platforms beyond FAST, SoFAST leverages the perpetually lucrative potential of paid television services and SVoD. This diversification paves the way for stable, sustainable, and immediate growth. Likewise, SoFAST enables traditional channels in the pay television market to diversify their offerings by creating a FAST channel version.

In an emerging era of thematic streaming platforms (Sports, Kids, Cinema, Music, etc.), it is crucial to understand that distribution is no longer limited to a single platform or even a few platforms. This trend is just beginning in the streaming era. A successful distribution strategy involves establishing relationships with platforms worldwide, having a rich portfolio of diverse channels and genres (News, Sports, Cinema, Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, Kids, Food, etc.), and offering content in various languages. SoFAST embodies this approach perfectly by establishing diverse partnerships, ensuring a global presence, and expanding revenue opportunities.

In conclusion, distribution is vital for revenue generation in the competitive world of television. SoFAST offers a visionary and diverse distribution strategy in our interconnected era. With a global reach and proven success in distributing over 500 FAST channels, our ‘Hybrid Distribution’ model is thriving. Entrust your channels to us for monetization!

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