SoFAST and Streaming Connect join forces to form SoFAST Spain

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Málaga/Madrid, Spain, October 12th, 2022

SoFAST and Streaming Connect join forces to form SoFAST Spain and lead the FAST market in Iberia and LATAM.
SoFAST, a leader aggregator and technology provider of FAST Channels, creates, manages, distributes, and monetizes more than 350 TV channels in FAST mode (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV), including 40 in Spanish.

SoFAST had teamed up with leading Broadcasters, TV networks, and content owners worldwide to take their content and create a new revenue stream with FAST channels and
Broadcasters like BabyFirst, France Television Distribution, and many others choose SoFAST to build, manage, distribute, and monetize their content on CTV and OTT platforms worldwide.
“We have teamed up with Mr. Juan Antonio Garrido, the founder, and CEO of Streaming Connect, to establish a leading aggregator of Spanish FAST channels,” said Yanaï Arfi, Co- founder and CEO of SoFAST.
And he adds: “We chose Streaming Connect as our partner in Spain due to their 20 years in the TV market. Indeed, their unique skills in managing the technical distribution of more than 50 national and local broadcasters prove to be innovative and fruitful in delivering traditional TV content into the digital area.”

SoFAST Spain will aim to bring more and more Spanish TV content to the CTV and OTT arena in Spain, Latin America, and any other market in need of Spanish-speaking content. SoFAST unique service allows international, local, and niche channels to take their content without risk and deliver great FAST channels to any digital platform.

“We offer a unique proposition to any content provider and leading YouTubers,” says Nir Gilad, co-founder, and COO of SoFAST. “These great TV channels can continue their regular business while SoFAST takes their premium content, linear and VOD, to another level. SoFAST creates FAST channels and brings them to new audiences worldwide, creating a new revenue stream for these traditional TV players.”

SoFAST unique technology can turn any free-to-air TV channel or pay TV channel into a FAST version at no cost. SoFAST takes all the risk to deliver FAST channels to top platforms worldwide.

“Streaming Connect successfully manages and delivers the Ip distribution of leading regional Spanish groups like the Grupo Cadena Media (GCM), owners of the international audio- visual platform Viva España, and the Latin American content portal MIC, to digital platforms in Spain & LATAM,” said Juan Antonio Garrido, the CEO of Streaming Connect. And he adds: “For the last 20 years, we have been helping TV channels and broadcasters from around

Spain and LATAM to reach new platforms with our technology. Today, I’m glad to be able to deliver their great content and channels from Viva España and the proximity of Latin American channels from MIC to FAST platforms even outside Spain. It’s the first time great Spanish content can reach and monetize outside its borders for the Spanish-speaking population worldwide. The truth is that the concept of proximity television has a new value, not only for the attractiveness of its content but also because it represents the opportunity to greatly increase the audience for a global market. At the same time, it positions the brand image of people, products, services, and countries”.

About SoFAST
SoFAST is a content aggregator that creates and distributes FAST channels (FAST stands for Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television). SoFAST provides cloud-based solutions to CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (Over The Top) platforms worldwide. SoFAST currently has over 350 FAST channels and 70,000 hours of video (news, sports, movies, music, lifestyle, travel, kids, food, etc.). SoFAST offers catalog owners, rights holders, content owners, broadcasters, YouTubers, or program distributors the opportunity to monetize their content with FAST. By creating their FAST channels, SoFAST opens the way to a new source of revenue by placing these channels on different terminals worldwide: CTV and OTT. In 18 months, SoFAST has deployed many channels worldwide thanks to its risk-free business model for its FAST channel partners: no costs, only revenues!

About Streaming Connect:

Streaming Connect is a pioneering technological developer in the contribution and distribution of IP content for “connected television”. It offers the first “Virtual Teleport” for linear channels and FAST channels, integrating said content for the generation of a single monetizable feed with the dynamic ad insertion (DAI) system.In the last year, it has managed to position Spanish proximity channels in Latin American cable systems, demonstrating that the audience of channels with added value are the most demanded.

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